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25 Reasons You Are Unable to Make Enough Money by Blogging

25 Reasons You Are Unable to Make Enough Money by Blogging

Do you want make enough money by blogging? If you have a blog you have to give it maximum time in the start so that it is able to compete with the other blogs. You will not be able to make a lot of money in the start but if you keep on making less amount of money then there’s definitely a problem. You should solve this problem to make a good sum of money. To solve the problem you should first of all know the problem.

Make Enough Money by Blogging

How to Make Money by Blogging?

There can be many reasons that you can’t make enough money out of your blog. I have stated 50 reasons that your blog is not working. You should read them. This is because if you will know the problem you will be able to solve it. The biggest problem is that you don’t know what the problem with your blog is. Learn from your mistakes and make sure they don’t happen again. If you will do that we are sure you will make enough money by blogging.

25 Reasons Your Blog Is Not Making Enough Money by Blogging

1. 99% of the bloggers are not able to make money out of their blog. Keep on doing hard work until you succeed.
2. You have too many ads on your web pages. The content is barely visible.
3. Your advertising networks don’t pay you. Use another advertising network.
4. Your content is not worth reading.
5. You are not doing enough marketing campaign.
6. You are spending a plenty of your time on social marketing.
7. The marketer you hired is getting too much of your money and is not putting enough input.
8. Your brand is not well established. You should work on establishing it.
9. You don’t have a good web design.
10. You have chosen a niche that is not profitable at all. Advertisers are not willing to advertise at your blog.
11. There are a very few people working in your niche. Try to get more people in your niche.
12. You don’t blog about the latest topics. Stay updated about the world and try to blog the latest news.
13. Your content is unable to spread. Images look nice but there must be an option to share them else they are not worth it.

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14. Most of the content on your site is not your own rather it is copied from other sites.
15. People don’t like the content you post. Try to improve it.
16. The things you blog about are not very common and most of the people don’t even know about them.
17. The content you post is too common and it seems boring to the people.
18. You don’t post in a consistent manner. Try to be regular.
19. People are not comfortable with the format of your content. Maybe you are using too much colors.
20. The loading time of your blog is too damn high. People move to other things while it loads.
21. You have too much animations at your blog. People don’t like them.
22. The design of your blogs makes the readers unable to read the content.
23. You are not using keywords. You should have at least 3 keywords in each article.
24. You don’t have a domain name.
25. You spend too much time crying rather than doing something for your blog.

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